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Day 81: how to change the world in one easy step

21 Mar

It’s been almost twenty years since I left for college. 
At times, it can be hard for me to remember who that girl was back then.

But, then, days like today come along.

After spending an entire day on the Cottey College campus, I am inspired by the energy and excitement and ingenuity of the college women around me.

I met some amazing students today, one of which organized a relief effort for Joplin, Missouri after the infamous tornado devastation.

Another, organized a clothing drive to help fellow students get their hands on quality business attire (that can be hard to come by in college) for job interviews.

And, another, is already a master pastry chef!

As I listened to these young women speak, I could feel that eighteen-year-old inside me stir.  I could feel her passion and her dreams light up the room like shooting fireworks.

After today, I say this:
If we want to solve the problems of our country, families, communities, economy and businesses — hand it over to an eighteen-year-old woman.

And, if you don’t want to do that, then hold on tight. 
Because, I think they are about to change the world. 

And, you know what else?
I think it’s our job to make sure they have everything they need along they way. 

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