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Day 82: the cookie monster who ate monster cookies

22 Mar

Today I toured the Cottey College campus and saw some very familiar sights.

Including my old dorm room (do you recognize the door to our room, Laura?)

And, Hinkhouse, home to the Student Government Association where I spent most of my time.

But, the place on campus that caught my attention most was not a building. It wasn’t a classroom or a pretty path with blooming flowers either.

As I picked up my tray and grabbed my food items for lunch, I turned the corner and recognized an old friend, just sitting there waiting for me.  Staring at me.  Calling my name.

It was a plate of MONSTER COOKIES.
I’m not exactly sure just what is in MONSTER COOKIES but I know there is chocolate, maybe some M&M’s and possibly some oatmeal.

It’s funny what can send a crashing wave of nostalgia over one’s head, heart, body and soul. Like the giggles and singing in a lunch line, the giddy conversations and deep debates over a dinner in the dining hall.  Or, even the confiscating of MONSTER COOKIES in napkins to take back to our dorm room.

It’s not the cookie. It’s never the cookie.
It’s the time, place and people the cookie represents.

Isn’t it amazing what a cookie can represent?

I have not had any sweets for almost a year now, since I said sayonara to my sugar addiction last May.

I’ve been so good by not eating sugars that I no longer crave them.
The-Girl-Who-Always-Ordered-Dessert and The Cookie Monster are no longer inside me.

I’m proud to report that today I passed up a MONSTER COOKIE.
I didn’t even reach for it.

Some things may still look the same and never change,
but other things are remarkably different.

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