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Day 88: don’t let the bed bugs bite!

28 Mar

This is what bedtime looks like around here these days.
One Pup begging to go to bed and the other little pup already passed out.

These are the “signals” of bedtime in our house.

I am so fascinated by “signals” lately.
There are so many signals to be aware of, just like the ones for our bodies to go to sleep.

Experts agree that the bedroom should only give us “sleep” signals — no television, internet surfing or electronics in the room (and certainly not while in bed), and enough time to wind down before we try to catch some “Z’s.”

Besides having two dogs tell me when it is time for bed, I have been using some sleep signals of my own.

My favorite it to meditate and use breathing exercises.
They are so subtle, only I know I am doing it, and yet they are both quiet and quieting to my busy mind.

While breathing in and out, I try to vision my perfect day, the things I want more of and how to add more love to my life. And then, I fall into Dreamland.

This all works out great until the little pup, Brady, bounces onto all fours and starts using my elbow as a chew toy in the middle of the night.

Which, let me tell you, brings new meaning to the phrase: sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

But, Brady can’t help it, since this is his way of “signaling” me that it’s time to go outside.  He needs to GO OUTSIDE NOW and the only way he knows how to communicate is to wake me up, with paws or teeth, one way or another.

After I take Brady into the dark, early morning for his 3am walk (or to his pee spot, rather) I return to bed and we begin all over again.

And, I have to admit, except for a few puncture wounds in my arm…
I “LOVEMORE” every moment of it.

Sleep tight.

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