Day 89: just when i thought i had it all f*igured out

29 Mar

Glorious F*ing Food.

It’s not F*ing Friday yet, but I feel very full of it— “IT” being FOOD.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I am on to the new, NEW thing!

Over the last year and three months I believe I have tried every diet imaginable.  I have vacillated between all that is vegetables to all that relates to veal.

I have given up sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, eggs, and gluten.

I have blended and smoothie-ed. I have gone raw. I have gone to the grocery store and avoided all the processed food ailes. I have gone to the health food store. I have gone to the farmers market. I have even gone into the garden.

And, I’m pretty sure that at one time or another, everyone around me has thought I have gone crazy!

Justin has been a very understanding soul through it all.
And, every time I change up the rules on him he takes it all in stride, usually with a funny snicker on his face and a raised eyebrow that says “I love you but you are driving me nuts” while, what really comes out of his mouth is… “So, we ARE eating meat today?”

Well… “YES,” I say. “Of course we are. I have a new DIET.”

And, so it is, I have changed up our diet one more time.
This week begins a new way of eating, with a new grocery list of foods.

This time it has been prescribed my my acupuncturist, all in the attempt to help build up my blood system again.

So, it seems, we are back to eating cooked foods, some meat and some grains. Cold smoothies are out. Raw fruits and vegetables are gone.  And, at least for now, just easy to digest, energy building foods are in order.

I don’t think I have ever been on a diet that was meant to “build” before.
It’s totally counter to our society’s way of thinking.  The word diet might as well be defined as THIN or reductionism in our culture’s skinny obsessed collective dictionary.

Diet = Thinner

Diet = Leaner

Diet = Reducing my thighs in time for an itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, yellow, polkadot bikini, so I can sip margaritas by the pool

But, I have to admit, there is something wonderful about this new diet with a main purpose to build, grow, heal and sustain.

And, that makes me hungry for more.

Here’s to your good health and good F*ing Food — no matter what you are eating these days, I hope you lovemore it!


P.S. If you are in the mood for Spring and want a free Spring Cleanse guide from IIN, just click here. It is available until April 30th.  (I, however, will be cooking organic, grass-fed, beef stew!)

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