Day 121: a golden opportunity

1 May

It’s been a long time coming. 

This question of what to do with the engagement ring I was given in Paris over a decade ago.

Once the marriage fizzled, I didn’t know what to do with the ring that no longer symbolically wrapped itself around my finger in love — instead it felt more like strangling it.

I pondered every option.

Do I keep the diamonds and turn it into something else? Like an independence ring?

Do I sell it?

Do I throw it away?

Do I hide it in a box only to be discovered in an attic someday?

The ring sat at my jewelers for three years, on display, waiting to be sold.
And, sell, it never did.

Somewhere in my heart I knew this ring had one more journey with me left in it.  And this week it make a return to the city of its birth. Paris.

So yesterday, as we toured Saint-Sulpice (which plays a prominent role in the novel The Da Vinci Code) I also paid a visit to the fountain outside.

And tossed my old engagement ring in the fountain.

It wasn’t a wild pitch, more like a symbolic gesture on my part.

But, there the ring lay to be washed and cleansed.
In the water of Paris.

Of course I grabbed the ring right out of the fountain after it had a good symbolic bath. And, now, I know it is ready to move on to a new journey — with someone else.

It’s amazing what we fall in love with and attach ourselves to.

A piece of gold molded into a circle of trust.
An ancient rock pressured to sparkle.

It’s time for this ring to have a new story.
So, it’s next official adventure will be a trip to the land of eBay. Which is even better than just throwing it away.

Instead, it’s like giving it a new adventure in love. 
A golden opportunity if you ask me.

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