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Day 122: a wrinkle in time

2 May

I have an age spot under my eye.

When I turned 38 my skin decided to celebrate with a few age spots and broken capillaries — on my face. Where everyone can see.  Front and center. Not to be missed.

So today, I didn’t miss the opportunity to ask a professional make-up artist how to cover them up.

At Debbie’s transformational hair + make-up session I asked the international makeup artist Rita Del’Orco how she would cover up my age spot.

Rita didn’t understand the question — she couldn’t quite decipher my english or my broken french.

So I asked her again, searching for a french word that would convey ugly-black-spot-sitting-under-my-eye, or dark-circle-that-will-never-go-away.

And then I found the perfect word — blemish! 
It almost sounds french.

Rita got it right away.
(Because, at least for women, I think “blemish” is understood in all languages.)

So Rita sat me down and inspected my skin.
“You need to see a dermatologist,” she gently advised and gave me some tips for my dry skin.

And, then she began what she does best, transformation.

As I sat in the chair being brushed and painted, I couldn’t help but think of my teenage years and JUMP CO plays where we sat backstage and giddily applied layers of makeup to make us look older and more mature.

Ironically, now, I am of the age where I want to look younger with flawless skin.

But, flawless skin I do not have.
And, many more years under my belt I do.

Wrinkles I have sprouted.
And now my age shows — with make-up and without.

And, I’m okay with that.

Every wrinkle has a story.
Every blemish has a purpose.
Each one is me.

And, that I love.
Or, at least, I am learning to lovemore each and every day.

And, while I feel absolutely amazing with Rita’s incredible artistic talent…

I also vow to enter my 40’s fearlessly with grace and kindness and an open heart — for myself.  For my head, heart, body and soul. And every wrinkle that comes with it.

So, as a grand gesture, tonight I grabbed my Lovemore Fearless Tee out of my suitcase and asked Debbie to snap a few photos of me in it as a reminder.

Of course, I’ll take the makeup tips. (Thank you Rita! You are amazing!)
And, I know I need to make an appointment with the dermatologist too.

But, more than anything I know that beauty comes from a place of deep understanding, a knowing that we are all the same, and more than anything else — love.

Even with a few wrinkles, blemishes and dark spots, nothing can cover up love.

Not even really great makeup.

(P.S. Lovemore Fearless Tees coming soon!!)

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