Day 125: welcome home to an american in paris

5 May

From Paris to Naples.
I’m back.

A little out of time zone sorts with ankles that have swollen into cankles from the transatlantic journey, but otherwise, home in one piece.

Except for my certified Monet seeds from Giverny — which US Customs confiscated to my disappointment— everything else arrived and is accounted for.

And, ironically, upon return, I found a little piece of Paris waiting for me.

I walked into the bedroom to a sea of balloons of pinks and purples and creams, complete with a replica Eiffel Tower, and a note:

“I figured this would help with the transition back to America. I missed you oodles, hope you like it!”

It’s good to go on an inspiring trip across the world.
And, it’s oh-so-good to come home to mon amour (and my barking, overly excited, panting puppies, Pup and Brady too).

Thank you, Justin, for the beautiful welcome home.
I like it!
Actually … j’aime! 

2 Responses to “Day 125: welcome home to an american in paris”

  1. Ellen Wingard May 6, 2012 at 5:16 AM #

    You are home dearest J’aime!! Dreams, memories, gratitudes, all stored in my heart for time forever! Enjoy your transition! Much love Ellen

    • Jamie May 6, 2012 at 3:22 PM #

      Thank you, Ellen. Happy to be home and rest from this jet-lagged soul, but already miss Paris and all its grand beauty. What a trip. Happy birthday to you!!

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