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Day 126: jet lag fever

6 May

I am so jet lagged I can hardly keep my eyes open.
It was just yesterday that I awoke in Paris …but that already feels like a week ago.

Today, in and out of my cat naps, I thought of happy memories from my time in Paris.

One was meeting this pooch named Blush.

I spotted Blush walking down the street with her owners and screamed with joy, yelling “Vizsla!? Vizsla!?” like a crazed American tourist.

They nodded with big smiles on their faces. Yes. Blush is a Vizsla. 

I pulled out my phone and thumbed through photos to find images of my Pup and Brady, to prove I wasn’t just a crazy American in Paris — more like a dog owner crazy for her pups back at home.

On a street corner in Paris we laughed and shared stories of our dogs, comparing notes of funny little dog tricks.

It was a moment of sheer joy for me, but also a very real connection between strangers from half-way across the globe.

Because of our dogs.
You just gotta love that. 

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