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Day 128: the plan b

8 May

It’s 11:26 on a Tuesday night.
And, I am speechless.

I went without internet access at home for the entire day. The internet was down. By my reaction, one would have thought I was stranded in the Saraha desert without water, or worse, without a cell phone.

So I resorted to Plan B.

In extreme cases of internet famine, Plan B is Panera.
Free WIFI. Lots of tables and outdoor seating — did I mention the free WIFI?

I thought a lot about “Plan B’s” today.
They are really never ideal are they?
But sometimes Plan B’s end up being better than expected.

Tonight, I spent the night over dinner with a dear friend who was celebrating her first wedding anniversary —- unfortunately, she was spending it with me, instead of her husband who passed on before this day could be toasted and honored.

She is a beautiful spirit, full of light and love.
And, I know she never expected to spend her first wedding anniversary with me.

But, there we were, toasting her husband, sharing a moment, shedding some tears — and it was absolutely beautiful in its own wondrous Plan B sort of way.

I suppose that’s the power of a Plan B.
Never expected.
Somewhat surprising.
Usually more meaningful than you can imagine.
Never as good as the real thing.
But, never to be forgotten either.

Happy Anniversary my dear friend.
I know your Plan A is looking down on you with love.  

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