Day 130: stuck on you, today is super!

10 May

Why is it that the smallest things make the biggest difference?
Like this new notebook I bought in Paris.

The cover says it all:  TODAY IS SUPER. 

It’s like an annoyingly, happy, constant reminder at my fingertips.  As I make notes of things to do, projects to start, and a laundry list of items I am behind on, I can’t help but remember to smile as I jot it all down in this notebook.

Even when the list gets overwhelming.

There’s even stickers.

I love stickers.
Who doesn’t LOVE stickers?

Stickers that say…
not too bad!
the best yet!

It makes me feel like I am in a classroom made more from Kindergarten tools than Adulthood responsibilities.

And that makes me think we should just make stickers mandatory for all adults.
Only good stickers.  Only fun stickers.

Just think of the possibilities…

Had a bad day?  There’s a sticker for that.
Missing someone you love?  There’s a sticker for that!
Hungry, tired and need a hug. STICKER!

With all the work I have been doing this year, on learning to lovemore and fearless, I have uncovered something surprising — I am now totally convinced that life is a playground.

We are here to have fun.
To lovemore. And to play… more!

Not sure why it took me so long to figure that out.
But, I think stickers could help me remember the message.

So in the journey of loving more, I promise to…
Stick to it!

(And, I hope you do too!)

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