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Day 132: summer slide [video]

12 May

It’s May.
And, that means we are sliding into summer.

In a little over a week we hit the road and head NORTH.
But, today, I took a little break from packing and visited my friend Lisa for one last sunny rendezvous in Southwest Florida.

Where I did the SLIDE.
What fun!
What a three-second-thrill!

It reminded me of sliding down the water park tube as a teenager and holding onto my flat-chested bikini top for dear life.

It also reminded me of something else: summer.

Here’s to summer — and everything else it comes with that I love, like: spitting out watermelon seeds, pretending to read books while sleeping on the sand listening to the waves crash against the shore, and, of course, my dear Martha’s Vineyard.

Ah, summer love.

What do you love about summer?

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