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Day 135: the 500 club

15 May

It’s here.
Today’s the day.

I have reached 500 days in a row of writing this blog.
I’m not sure where or when in my life I have ever racked up 500 consecutive days of the same activity.

Not running. Not yoga. Not even reading.

Well, okay, you got me at breathing.

Today is also a very special day for another reason.
Justin’s birthday.

Happy, happy day.
We were supposed to go to an Eddie Vedder concert to celebrate, but it was postponed until fall. So, blowing out a candle at a nice, romantic dinner had to take Eddie’s place.

At least for now.

I constantly hear Justin’s wise words in my head to stay focused on my goal.  Last year, when I was uber excited about reaching my first 100 days of writing, Justin kindly pointed out that the name of my blog wasn’t The Promise 100.  It’s The Promise 365 -emphasis on the 365.

I hold that comment deep in my heart because it’s true.
It’s the real goal.

How many times in my life have I stopped at something?
Or, given up?
Or, just taken a break because I felt happy with where I was — instead of staying focused on where I wanted to be?

I think we all do.

So, thank you dear Justin, for keeping me on track.
For reminding me of what I want.

And, for being here every one of these past 500 days.

Here’s to 366 days this year.

And, here’s to you Justin.
This video is especially perfect on this day.
It’s not Eddie Vedder in person, but it is as close as I can get… for now.
Happy Birthday.

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