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Day 136: being fearless :: take the easiest and best step forward

16 May

I sold out.

To be clear, I sold my rings.
The engagement ring and wedding ring that just a few weeks ago landed in the Parisian fountain in front of Saint-Sulpice are now officially no longer mine.

And, that makes me think… is anything really ever, truly, just mine?

The diamonds will be pried from their setting and rejoined with something new and sparkly.

The gold will be melted down.

And the goods will go back in a glass case, waiting their turn for someone else to discover their shiny brillance.  They will have another day and another chance to complete the circle of love and trust.

I thought I would sell the rings on eBay.
I ended up driving to my nearest jeweler and just handed them over for the first check he promised to write.

But, not before the man behind the counter asked me for my weight and fingerprints. I didn’t mind the finger printing because the jeweler gave me a moist little towelette to wipe off the black ink.

But asking for my weight — c’mon, really?

I weighed my options and came to the conclusion that it really didn’t matter what I did with the rings.  It was just time to let them go.

I could have spent months looking for the right buyer.
I could have spent weeks getting the listing to look perfect on eBay.
I could have hemmed and hawed for years.

Oh, wait… I did.

So yesterday, I decided to take the easiest and best step forward.
Because clearing out clutter makes space for new and better.

When one door closes, another will open.
Or, is it when one window slams another will swing open with fresh air?

Either way, it felt freeing and FEARLESS — I practically skipped down the sidewalk as I  bounded out the jewelry store door. I felt relinquished of the bottled up bewilderment and everything else those rings represented.

It’s a good lesson to remember.
One I hope I will never forget. 

Take the easiest and best step forward.

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