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Day 140: i heart new york

20 May

I. Heart. New York.
And, Facebook.

Sometimes this city gets the best of me, with the constant traffic, honking horns and the hustle that bustles me all around.

And, then, on days like today, it seems as if nothing could be better than being in the Big Apple — with two of my most faves to boot!  

In breaking Facebook news, I learned my bestie Sara will be in NYC tomorrow.

What joy! What fun! What irony.
I just crossed paths with Sara in Paris a few weeks ago. What’s next? New York?  Why, yes. Tomorrow it is.

In even more fabulous Facebook fun, I learned Debi Lilly was also in town.  So tonight, I hopped on a train and met the one and only Debi and fam for dinner.

In fact, here we are in our finest dresses:

Just kidding.
I forgot to take a photo of us at dinner so this one has to do.

But, I must admit, I love it!
It brings me right back to paper dolls with closets full of cut-out clothes and stickers that smelled like watermelons and strawberries — and all the other fun paper products I loved playing with since I was old enough to hold a pair of scissors in my hand.

This photo is really two manequins with paper dresses all dolled up to promote the National Stationary Show — which I also found out is happening because of Facebook (thank you Debi!).

All this makes me wonder….

What did we ever do before Facebook?
I’m sure the answer has something to do with the paper.

No matter.  Even before Facebook was invented (or went public) we always knew how to find our friends — by listening to our hearts.

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