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Day 141: e.t. iphone home

21 May

Have you ever noticed those clunky, big, metal boxes with small, metal boxes sitting on New York City street corners? Many, many, moons ago they were used to communicate with people far, far away.

The Telephone Booth.
I passed a few of these metal boxes yesterday and thought to myself — how antiquated.  Who needs a telephone booth when we all have pint-sized phones sitting inside our purses and pockets?

That was yesterday.
This is today.

My trusty iPhone died.

It stopped taking a charge. So I charged down to the nearest Apple Store only to learn that my phone is what we call — um, how did the Genius Bar helper put it?  Oh, yes — “a waste of time and money to fix.”

So, now I find myself in the epicenter of the world without a phone.

Just a few short years ago that iPhone of mine was brand new. Now it’s dead.

Just a few decades ago those pay phones were brand new. And, it looks like there’s a reason to keep them around a little longer.

As I sat on a the little stool in the Apple Store reviewing my options until my replacement phone arrives, I realized the many options at hand:

I downloaded the Skype App on my iPad.
I have email and Skype on my computer.

Plus, in case of emergency, I have those old, metal boxes called “phone booths” hanging out on a few street corners — just in case this E.T. needs to phone home.

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