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Day 147: ridemore, lovemore!

27 May

Signs are everywhere.
Today, my friend Sara, sent me this sign she spotted that says, RIDEMORE, with a note that said, “Lovemore, Ridemore!”

It reminded her of my promise this year to lovemore and fearless.

It’s funny what we see when we start looking for it.
Kind of like buying a new car, then suddenly everyone else in the entire universe is driving it too.

Today was Day 3 of our drive north.  And, during our road warrior-ness we look for signs and billboards as we drive up I-95. Just to keep alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic — as well as, keep ourselves entertained.

Of course, there are our favorites, like the sea of billboards, practically standing as an American Icon, lining each side of the highway for 80 miles leading up to South of the Border.

There’s the latest from with a mug of Kermit The Frog saying:
“Eats flies. Dates a Pig. Hollywood Star. Live Your Dreams, Pass It On.”

And, then, there are the smaller, mom and pop shop billboards that catch our attention.  Like this one:

“Chicken. Made Fresh. Almost Daily.”

Justin looked at me while driving, raised his eyebrows and repeated out loud, “Almost daily?”

Yes, let’s stop there for lunch.

And, that’s what makes our RIDEMORE road trip so much LOVEMORE fun.

Signs are everywhere. 
You just have to look for them.

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