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Day 149: island time

29 May

We are here!
We are on-island!
We are exhausted!

I loved seeing all the familiar sights as we pulled into Cape Cod, passing the fully updated Cape Cod 2012 sign on Route 28, then the giant, larger than life lobster on the side of the fake lighthouse at the round-about (a sure sign you are in Massachusetts is driving around in a circle called a round-about, making yourself dizzy as you pinpoint which offshoot road you are supposed to take to stay on the right path) — and, finally, boarding the ferry and crossing over to….

Island Time.



Ah…Island Time. The official time zone of “who cares?”

We found this out the hard way during our first summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Me, a recently minted, pink-slipped, corporate casualty, still wound tight like a yo-yo couldn’t figure out why NOBODY showed up on time. Fifteen minutes later I would be tapping my foot, on the phone, calling, checking up, asking, “Where are you, I’ve been waiting here for FIFTEEN MINUTES!”

“It’s Island Time,” people would tell me — “Get used to it.”

Now, after 4 days on the road, a long drive up the East coast, and a few nasty, roadside, fast food, icky meals layer, I can honestly say…

I am so happy to be on island time.
It’s funny how something that first annoys you can become something you love.
Actually. Something you long for.

It’s time for summer.
Well, first, a good night’s sleep, then…
A summer on island time.

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