Day 151: j’aime, nice to meet you!

31 May

I am constantly mistaken for other people.

Today, a really sweet elderly lady approached me at lunch and asked if my name was Ann.  “Is that you, Ann?” she asked.

I looked up with a smile and nodded my head, no. “Sorry, I’m not Ann.”

“You look just like her!”

This happens to me all the time.
All. The. Time.

Are you Julie? 
Hi, Sharon!
What are you doing here, Sara?! 

To each one I smile and nod my head in the negative.

“I am Jamie. Nice to meet you.”

It could be a good way to meet people actually. I should just travel around the country and stand on random street corners and wait for people to think I am someone else. It would be a fun experiment.

Just this last week at the National Stationary Show, I turned the corner and walked down another aisle of paper, journals and party supplies to a man in a booth who was staring down my name tag. I assumed he wanted to find out what company I worked for so he would know what product to pitch me. As I walked closer his face changed, and he looked quite disappointed.

“Oh, I thought you were Gwyneth Paltrow.”

“No, sorry, I’m Jamie. Nice to meet you.”

So, tonight I find it fitting to share the one and only GOOP — by Gwyneth herself.

In this issue she shares Jessica Alba’s new production …a company that sells only honestly good products for your family (

It’s a good read with some great information on cleaner products for your family.

And, now… here’s my most favorite street corner in the world… right in front of the Louvre in Paris.  Maybe I should go stand on it and meet some new people?

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jamie.”

At least there my name means love.  

2 Responses to “Day 151: j’aime, nice to meet you!”

  1. Ruth June 4, 2012 at 11:52 AM #

    Jamie, Your favorite corner in Paris picture put a smile on my face as it brought back memories of me running through the Louvre park at 6am this past February….bitter cold, but determined to work out despite no gyms in Paris. The run was worth it as I left the Louvre through the park the sun came up beaming on a Ferris wheel (not sure why they had in Feb.) and those street lights streaming along the road way. View was priceless, but had not cell phone to capture. Thanks for jarring my memory to reflect on the moment. Will be on MV next week…..will I get to recognize your familiar face on the streets?- Ruth

    • Jamie June 4, 2012 at 2:43 PM #

      Oh, I hope so Ruth!! Let me know when you get here. And, consider this photo your replacement for not having a phone with you on that run. Good for you, by the way, running in cold February streets. Love it! xo~Jamie

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