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Day 172: How To Blog Series: Be Honest

21 Jun

How much should I share on my blog?

In today’s How To Blog Video Series, I tackle the big question of how much to share of yourself and personal life on your blog.

Bottom line: In general, I believe if your blog is purely professional it’s not ideal to share your personal life details. You can, of course, find appropriate ways to weave in personal stories — as long it relates to your theme and enhances what you stand for.

What I wish I would have said in this video:  There were so many amazing and wonderful things that happened to me in my first year of blogging — but, I could not share all of it publicly. Some were too sacred and special to my heart to make public.  But, I did share as much as possible, and I truly believe that is how I found my authentic writing voice.

Note: I share many photos on my blog of friends, events and daily life, but I do not share photos of my friend’s children unless I have their parental consent. I think it’s a good honest rule to live by.

Can you count: how many children’s voices are in the background?

And, here is today’s video:

Link to the video on YouTube is below:

Why Am I Doing This?
I am somewhere in the Grand Canyon, rafting the Colorado River right now… which means I have no access to computers or an internet connection.  So, while I am taking a trip down the river, I want to take you on a trip around Martha’s Vineyard, sharing both the sights I love on this little island and my favorite blogging tips. 

It’s all in an effort to keep my promise to blog everyday this year and learn to lovemore and fearless. Did I mention I am afraid of the water? And, I am in a raft right now in the Grand Canyon?

I am keeping a diary while riding the waves and will report back as soon as we hike out of the canyon.  

Until then, I attempt to answer the questions people ask me about how to blog in this video series.  It’s not perfect…but it is published! And, that’s the point.


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