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Day 191: four-letter words for summer games

10 Jul

It’s hot today and it feels like summer.
I just want to dip in a pool – any pool! 

But especially this pool where we stayed at the Four-Seasons in Scottsdale. We didn’t even get a chance to dive in, we were so exhausted from our Grand Canyon travels.


Alas, we are back on the Vineyard, where the neighbors have set up a ping pong table on one side of us and a volleyball net on the other.

Makes me remember a time when games were played outside, without a cell signal.

Down in the Grand Canyon, as the sun slipped away and it was just us PEOPLE staring at each other with nothing to do with our thumbs — no iPhones, iPads or computers — we played games too.

One night, we played a game called MOVIE and then shortened it to FILM because it was getting too late and going too long. It’s like HORSE but with movie and actor titles.

Here’s how it works (if you haven’t yet played or are a newbie to it like I was):

  • The first person to go names a movie.
  • The next person names an actor in the aforementioned movie.
  • The next person names a movie that aforementioned actor was in.
  • And, it continues.
  • Until somebody can’t produce a name and they earn a letter in the word M.O.V.I.E. (or F.I.L.M. for the shorter version).

It was so fun! 
I was so awful at it.

Let me be clear: I really sucked at it. Part of me would like to blame the guys I was playing with, all movie buffs, all trying to stump each other by naming some ridiculously obscure movie nobody on Earth has ever heard of before.

They were trying their darndest (is darndest a word?) to be nice to me and allowed me to throw out my mainstream Chick Flick movie titles in between their Sundance Film Festival premiers.

The good news about being terrible at FILM is when you lose and are awarded a letter you are allowed to choose the movie title to start the next round. Imagine me sitting with a group of men, shouting out, “Pretty Woman” and “Sleepless In Seattle” and “Legally Blonde” — they were all very impressed with my movie knowledge, indeed. I’m sure I’ll get an invite to play again soon.

But, really, I think it highlighted something I already knew — I am pretty much comfortable with the fact that I have terrible taste in movies.

But, I do love to play games.

My friend Diane plays this game with her granddaughter.
The four-letter word game.

I love it. Better than Words With Friends and MOVIE if you ask me.

Off the top of my head, for my short list, I came up with:

  • love
  • more
  • live
  • home
  • star
  • yoga
  • bold
  • raft
  • like
  • dogs
  • and, ironically, I might add — film

Obviously, if you were here with me, we would each take a turn.
What four-letter words can you come up with for this game?

Hey! There’s another four-letter word I love — game!

Enjoy your summer fun and games.

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