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Day 192: do you know where you are?

11 Jul

The woman in front of me at the Post Office wore only bare feet today.

I stood in line crinkling my nose thinking, “How dirty is this floor? She is not wearing shoes!  Ew!!”

Then, I stopped, took a pause and remembered where I was standing… in a Post Office, on an island, in the summer.

Things like this happen on islands.
I observed this phenomenon when I was in Hawaii too.

Barefoot people in grocery stores and other shops. There, in the big kahuna of aloha, it’s not a big deal, it just happens — no flip flops, no problem.

It is after all, an island.

It got me thinking a bit today.
I suppose that’s how we know where we are…by what’s around, by what we see and what others do. By what’s accepted. Standard practice. The norm.

I suppose we are all living on our own little islands — no matter where we physically dwell. These islands are made up of what we surround ourselves with (physically and emotionally), who we spend time with and what we accept as standard practice — the norm.

Makes me wonder…

Do you know where you are?
What kind of island do you live on?

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