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Day 195: 20 years later, a virtual high school reunion

14 Jul

Tonight, I stumbled upon an advertisement that has been burnt into my heart and mind since high school. A 1980’s Nike ad that begins with the words, “You were born a daughter.”

I loved it so much, back then, I taped it to my locker.

When this ad caught me, I was in the throws of high school, playing basketball, and living on the edge of my dreams. I was a never-been-kissed sort of sweet sixteen, before my mother and I were diagnosed with cancer.

It’s somewhat ironic, as I write these words, my twenty-year high school reunion is taking place on the other side of the country, without me. As I watched the photos and updates post to Facebook throughout the day, a little part inside of me felt like I was almost there.

And, then, as if the teenager inside me channeled a secret part of my psyche, I searched for this ad.

Even though the world has moved in great leaps and bounds, fearlessly forward, over these past twenty years (we didn’t have cell phones or iPads, internet connections or -gasp!- Facebook back in the day), as I read through the copy tonight, the words, unbelievably, still hold true, still pull at my heartstrings.

So, to all the girls from the class of 1992 — wherever you are tonight — this one’s for you (and your daughters, who may already be the same age we were when it first ran!):

“You were born a daughter.

You looked up to your mother.

You looked up to your father.

You looked up at everyone.


You wanted to be a princess.

You thought you were a princess.

You wanted to own a horse.

You wanted to be a horse.

You wanted your brother to be a horse.


You wanted to wear pink.

You never wanted to wear pink.


You wanted to be a Veterinarian.

You wanted to be President.

You wanted to be the President’s Veterinarian.


You were picked last for the team.

You were the best one on the team.

You refused to be on the team.


You wanted to be good in algebra.

You hid during algebra.

You wanted the boys to notice you.

You were afraid the boys would notice you.


You started to get acne.

You started to get breasts.

You started to get acne that was bigger than your breasts.


You wouldn’t wear a bra.

You couldn’t wait to wear a bra.

You couldn’t fit into a bra.


You didn’t like the way you looked.

You didn’t like the way your parents looked.

You didn’t want to grow up.


You had your first best friend.

You had your first date.

You had your second best friend.


You had your second first date.

You spent hours on the telephone.

You got kissed.

You got to kiss back.


You went to the prom.

You didn’t go to the prom.

You went to the prom with the wrong person.


You spent hours on the telephone.


You fell in love.

You fell in love.

You fell in love.


You lost your best friend.

You lost your other best friend.


You really fell in love.


You became a steady girlfriend.

You became a significant other.




Sooner or later, you start taking yourself seriously.
You know when you need a break.
You know when you need a rest. You know what to get worked up about and what to get rid of. And you know when it’s time to take care of yourself, for yourself. To do something that makes you stronger, faster, more complete.

Because you know it’s never too late to have a life.

And never too late to change one.


Happy 20th Reunion, Twin Falls High School Class of 1992.
Go Bruins. 

(*Special thanks to ShoeGirl, where I found this gem online!)

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