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Day 198: cold, cold thoughts on a scorching, hot day

17 Jul

It’s been hot this week.
Really hot today.

So hot, in fact, I rummaged to find old photos just to remember what that white, flaky, cold stuff we call “snow” looks like.

This photo was taken three years ago in Vermont.

In the snow.
LOTS of snow.

So deep, Pup could barely jump out of it to get his powerful, strong legs back onto the deck after he jumped full force Vizsla-style into it.

There was so much snow that day, all I could think about was the sun. As I cozied up next to the fireplace I dreamt of hot, lazy days in a southern hemisphere on the sandy beach. Of course I had a margarita in my hand in this visual too.

And, right now, this very minute, I am cozied up to a fan blaring in my ear, still sweating it out at 10PM, dreaming of cold, snowy, winter days with hot cocoa. 

The snow is always cooler on the other side. 

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