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Day 201: f*ing friday :: firing

20 Jul

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. In Year One, I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the words Fearmongers

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the word:

As in, sheer sadness. 

I am deeply saddened and confused by what happened in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.

As the news updates poured in, throughout the course of the day, it only widened and worsened.

There are no words for this.
The only reasoning my mind could come up with:  it’s just not f*ing fair.

And, it’s not.

Even now, as more details are known, more stories are written and more confusion remains, a song keeps running through my head, asking, “Where is the love?

Where is the love, the love, the love?

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