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Day 206: chicago report: bathroom humor and ads

25 Jul

Chicago Report: 
I have clearly been living on an island to miss this tidbit of bathroom humor.

Not only were there ads in the women’s bathroom in Chicago’s airport, they were directly on the mirror in front of the sinks.

So, of course, I had to take a photo.

As I stood before the ads, washing my hands, seeing the messages scroll before my eyes, I couldn’t help but ask: “Is our world truly turing into Minority Report?”

Are we already living in “the future?”

A future where advertising is electronically delivered to every moment of our life, through my computer, iPhone, iPad and now the iBathroom MIRROR?

I remember when the bathroom mirror was once reserved for only the most intimate of messages — in the form of lipstick, possibly a kiss or a little reminder scribbled in thick ruby red.  Now, it’s a billboard blazoned with bribery for those responsible souls who remember to wash their hands after using the potty.

I’m a marketer, by training, so this isn’t a surprise to me.
It’s more of a shock.

In my effort to find the love and some silver lining here — it occurred to me that this could be good — like, in a moment of international crisis, information could be spewed throughout the land (and bathroom stalls thank goodness!) everywhere.

“C’mon people, really?” I had to ask as I stood there dumbfounded.

Then I turned around and saw a line of women waiting their turn to use the bathroom stalls, who couldn’t get past me while I stood taking up more than my allotted space with iPhone in hand, photographing the bathroom mirrors.

I just had to capture it.
Which I suppose only means one thing:  joke’s on me.

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