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Day 209: better than the iphone 5

28 Jul

What a wonderful day on a wonderful island with some wonderful friends today.

And, their totally amazing, smart, funny and friendly daughters.

These very savvy girls were overjoyed to show me the incredible phone in their summer home with the most advanced technologyYou see, the phone is so cool, it lets you talk with three people at once.

All you have to do is pick up the headset on the first floor of the house, and then someone else picks up the phone on the second floor of the house and — get this — everybody can talk at once to the person calling!

All of us adults were mesmerized by their joy over this new discovery, mostly because they were talking about a good, old-fashioned land line — you know, the kind we grew up with.

The kind of phone with a standard issue round dial that you had to TURN and wait for it spin all the way back around before you could dial the next number. One number at a time. Spin. Spin. Spin.

It’s mind-boggling how far technology has come in the past 100 years, let alone the past twenty.

There is a theory about this sort of change — in the book, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything: In a Time of Turmoil, a Pathway to Peace” Neale Donald Walsch points out that society is speeding up so fast that the “window of change” or, the amount of time it takes to have new information that brings upon a new world view, has gone from an entire lifetime in our great-grandparents time, to  30 – 40 years in our grandparents lives, to 15 – 20 years for our parents, to a mere 5 – 8 years in our own lifetime.  (And, it is only speeding up for our children.)

This has never been more apparent to me than today, while trying to explain to two very smart nine and eleven-year old girls what a “busy signal” was on a phone.

“It’s a buzz that happens when you call someone and they are already talking on the phone,” I explained to blank stares.

“You know, if you call someone, and they are already talking on their phone, you would just hear a buzz, buzz, buzz, sound on the line.”

As I vehemently tried to imitate a busy signal with my voice, practically singing “Buzz, Buzz, Buzz,” I realized they had no basis for the concept of being too busy to be reached.  

The entire idea of being disconnected is not in their world view. 

And, how could it be? We live in a world of constantly connected noise, cell phones ringing, computer programs in the palm of our hands more powerful than the Apple computer I learned to type on in fifth grade.

Believe me, nothing makes me feel more old and decrepit than the youthful spirit of two girls looking at me with blank stares indicating they had no idea what on earth I was buzzing about.

And, that made me realize something:
We have so much buzz, we are, in fact, too busy for busy signals.

(Now, when does the iPhone 5 come out again?)

As I watched these girls jump off a bridge, swim in the water and laugh and play without a care on a cloudy-island-summer-day, I also realized something else…

Playing, running, jumping and swimming will always be better than just talking on the phone (any phone!).

And, I hope that will never change. 

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