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Day 210: fearlessly getting my hands dirty

29 Jul

I just washed the final bit of dirt out from underneath my fingertips.
While a Sunday in July may be known as wedding day for many, it was “weeding” day around here for me.

And, I am so proud of myself.
I didn’t shriek once as I buried my BARE hands in the dirt digging for roots.

Before my lovemore-fearless mantra I wouldn’t think twice about wearing gloves on my hands. Before my lovemore-fearless adventure this year, I would have screamed and scrammed at the first sight of a spider too.

But, not now. At least now I pause before I scream.
I credit the Grand Canyon for my newfound fearlessness.

Sure, not wearing gloves in the garden sounds pretty puny to some.
But, to me, it’s a HUGE accomplishment.

And, today, to top it all off, there were no spider sightings. It’s as if those spiders know something in me has changed. As if they are no longer needed.

To that I say (at least today):
Pack it up eight-legged boys, your work here is done. 


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