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Day 212: buoyed in stormy weather

31 Jul

It’s a rainy day here, but all sunny inside.
My day started out doing yoga with a friend and ended up with us having dinner with family.

Doesn’t get better than that.

Even though it is pouring outside, and we are drenched from a ferry ride in the rain, I am all toasty on the inside.

It’s a recipe for goodness, isn’t it?

  • good exercise
  • good friends
  • good family
  • good food

As we left the ferry, dripping and drenched with raindrops the size of snowballs falling all around, every taxi driver standing under an umbrella in a line of cars tried to coax us into his cab.

“No thanks,” I said with a smile. “We’re walking!”

The old me would never have turn down a cab ride in the rain.
The new me seems pretty fearless these days, at the very least, I have learned it takes more than water to make me melt.

And, I think that’s what being buoyed by good exercise, friends, family and food can do for the head, heart, body and soul.

It’s like building strength from the inside out.
Even in stormy weather. 

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