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Day 213: what i’ve bought this year

1 Aug

It’s August. It is Day 213.
We are officially over the hump.  The year is unbelievably more than half over.

The Olympics are on!
Summer heat is on!
And, my promise to be lovemore-fearless is still on.

As I sit here tonight, remembering where I was a year ago — specifically, in the middle of my promise not to shop for 365 days — I am now taking stock of all I have bought in my shoes and clothes category this second year.

  • Jeans
  • Yoga pants
  • Yoga top
  • Black shoes
  • Two cotton long sleeve tops
  • Hat (for the intense sun in the grand canyon)

And, I think that’s about it. I never would have — could have — guessed that my year of not shopping would squelch my passion for fashion.

Actually, it didn’t.

To be honest, I am now way more interested in good design and a great fit over seasonal sales, 50% off or other markdown marketing tactics.

But, more than anything else, I have realized this: it was never about the shopping.

It has always been about the act of writing every day, having a discipline that made me stick like glue to my promise, and having a goal that was completely measurable and under my control.  That is what changed my life.

What could change yours?

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