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Day 216: three things I love more than chocolate (today!)

4 Aug

Today continues a series in gratitude, with Three Things I Love, More Than Chocolate … (today!).

It’s hot here on Martha’s Vineyard.  And, when I say hot, I mean HOT.

It’s already past ten o’clock at night and I am sitting here sweating, beads running down my brow and in between my breasts.  It’s that hot and humid and muggy.  We have no air conditioner.

But, instead of complaining about the heat today, we took to the beach, where I took in all that I am grateful for, including:

  • Warm ocean
  • Boogie Board
  • Dogs Diving for Tennis Balls

The water in the harbor is now warm enough for me to swim. In the early season it is so cold I can barely dip my toes in the surf.  But, now, in the August sun, the water has warmed and so have I to jumping in.

I also remembered to bring my boogie board down to the beach, so I could swim out past the buoys and keep up with Justin.  Which just makes it more fun for both of us. (Even when he tries to toss me upside down in the water!).

And, as I sat on the beach, I couldn’t help but laugh as the oversized poodle played keep-away with a tennis ball, running away from her owner. I know that feeling all too well, when the best intentions for fetch turns into the worst chase downs of keep-away.

It was one hot summer day.

I may be overheated, but I am grateful. 
How are you? 

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