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Day 218: three things i love more than chocolate (today!) :: boston, crashing parties, dog gone treats

6 Aug

The gratitude continues with Three Things I LOVE more than chocolate…today — and a Lovemore-Monday moment.

I crashed a party tonight. But, not just any party — a dog gone good one! 

I’m staying at my friend Lucy’s house, (here she is, such a cutie).

Lucy’s parents invited me to a fun night out with Wanna Go Out, her dog walking service, at their annual customer appreciation night.

Because I have Pups of my own, I felt right at home with all the other Boston doggy parents who were there to sip and savor this hot summer night with some pretty yummy treats.

Like Hot “Dogs”  and Jalapeño “Puppers.”

You know when you’re at a dog loving party when the name tag requires you to put both your name and your dog’s name on it!

And, on this Lovemore Monday, I have to admit…
I. Love. It.

What did you love today?

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