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Day 219: three things i love more than chocolate (today!) fearless, fun, boston!

7 Aug

So many things to be grateful for today, in this Three Things I LOVE More Than Chocolate (today!) series.

Love is greater than fear.

And, today, My friend, Cindy Loughran, gave these tips on stage at Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle Tour in Boston to help you overcome your fears.

7 Steps for Overcoming Your Fear:

1) Clarify your goal

2) Identify your fear

3) Identity your limiting beliefs

4) Seek contrary evidence

5) Envision and embody success

6) Create a concrete action plan

7) Get support and get started

And, it couldn’t be better timing.

As I drove down my old street in the South End, I realized this was the first time I have visited Boston that I felt no fear, looking at my old condo building and hanging out in my old haunts.

It’s truly a new life. How refreshing!

I was overjoyed to see Lan, at my old nail spot, remember me when I walked in the door. It’s been years since I’ve been back to her salon and she still remembered me.

How fabulous, how fun!


I don’t know why I was afraid Lan wouldn’t remember me. Maybe because it has been three years? Maybe because she has so many clients you can literally feel a breeze in her salon from people walking in and out the door?  Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s because I have grown so much in my own heart and head over these last three years I hardly recognize myself?

No matter the reason, it was great to see a familiar face and a friend, and realize despite the time and distance, some things never change.

Like a really great pedicure…
Where everybody knows your name.

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