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Day 226: boston uncommonly common

14 Aug

Back to Boston today for a little dentist visit.

Which included:

45-minute ferry ride.
2-hour+ bus ride.
10-minute subway ride.
20-minute walk through the Boston Common.
And, then, back again.

All for a 20-minute dentist visit.

My dentist looked at me confused and said, “You know, there are dentists on the Vineyard, right?”

“Yes,” I nodded my head. “But, you’re the first dentist to be NICE to me, so I don’t mind the travel.”

And, I don’t. It’s all worth it to have the chip in my tooth put back together again (for the third time).  My dentist’s theory is that I grind my teeth in my sleep.  I wouldn’t know, since I am dreaming.

But, I know he fixes it and puts me back together each and every time.  So, it’s worth the travel and the investment for this broken down tooth of mine.

It was also worth a walk in the park, where I literally smelled the roses.

And, stopped to admire…

The fountains:

The gardens with Swan Boats in the background:

And a building that was built just to show off what reflects around it:

It made me stop and think…
It’s amazing what we — I — take for granted, these fixtures of everyday life.

Like my teeth, a great dentist, beautiful scenery and a public rose garden. 
Because they are all so uncommonly common. 

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