Day 227: listening, listening, listening and more listening

15 Aug

Yesterday, I walked off the ferry and stepped foot on the island, after my little dental adventure.

In the mad rush of masses disembarking the ferry, I could feel somebody walking behind me.  I slowed down, just to see if their pace would change.  It did.  The footsteps matched mine.

They were definitely following ME.

Finally, I turned around and saw, out of the corner of my eye, somebody I recognized.  It was Justin!

He surprised me at the ferry, took me out to dinner, then took me to the book store and bought me three new books and then he took me to the movie (where we shared a big bag of popcorn, my favorite!).

It was a spontaneous date night!
And, it was so fun.

Later that night, I told Justin how much fun I had and thanked him for everything he did, from surprise to movie popcorn. To which he responded, “I listened.”

And, listen, he did.

Just the other night I was complaining about how we haven’t had any time to do “stuff” together this summer while on the island. We’ve both been working and traveling and doing so much that we haven’t made good, quality time for each other.

So, he listened. And, we did have good, quality time with each other, doing all the stuff we love: dinner out, book store strolling and taking in a movie at the theatre.

Today, as I sat at my desk working, I reflected even more on how Justin chose to show me he listened to my wishes. It’s such a gesture of love.

It’s one I know I need to work on, this muscle called “listening” in this lovemore+fearless year of mine.

Because, really, is there any greater gift of love? 

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