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Day 228: can your printer do this?

16 Aug

Today, while working away, I noticed something strange on the printer: 
January 26 in big letters and numbers on the eery green screen.

My birthday is January 26.

How did the printer know that?

I have never noticed this before.

Does it always say January 26?
Am I that unaware of my surroundings?
Or, does the printer just love me?

Probably not the latter since I wrestled with it for the last two days  as it gobbled up every sheet of paper in sight, crumpling up bits of black-ink sprayed 8.5 x 11 dead trees inside its guts.

Paper Jam.
Paper Jam.
Paper Jam.

It screamed at me, until I finally had enough and pulled out my last resort: the OFF button.

And, then, when I turned it back on, the All-In-One printer said: January 26.
As if trying to say, “I  know who did this to me.”

Or, maybe it was trying to say, “Happy Belated Birthday.”

Who knows…
It remains a mystery.

I am a little afraid.
So, I did a little research to see if there is a word for this fear of machines, and there is:  Xeroxophobia: fear of using anything made by Xerox, or fear of office equipment in general.

Now that’s a fear I didn’t even know I had (or maybe have).

I can’t wait to see what the printer says tomorrow. 

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