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Day 233: how romantic!

21 Aug

Love is not just romantic. This, I am sure of. 
But, the romantic kind can be so lovely.

It’s what first kisses are made of, and that of butterflies and sweaty palms too.

My first kiss happened over a J.Crew catalog. I suppose with my addiction to clothes and shoes (that I so deeply explored last year) that is not ironic at all.

But, romantic love it was for me, at the age of seventeen, while swooning over the J. Crew catalog pages of “loden” green shoes and a patchwork striped long sleeve button-up shirt, I was kissed for the very first time.

Tonight, that same boy kissed me again in an attempt to capture it all on Instagram.

We’re so much older now (and I would like to think wiser.)

He’s bald.  I have wrinkles.
We both have folds where our high school athlete-toned muscles used to be, basketball for me, soccer for him.  I have scars lining my body from decades of surgeries.

But, in a silly twist of fate, I can honestly say, it’s way more romantic at 38 than it ever was at 18.

Even with all of life’s baggage and baggy skin.

And, maybe that’s because it isn’t just romantic love anymore.
I think it’s something greater, deeper, more mundane at times and way more magical too.

It makes me think…
Could there only be greater, deeper, more magical and more mundane life and love to behold?

Maybe getting older isn’t so scary after all.

How romantic!

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