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Day 241: closing in (and cleansing) on summer

29 Aug

The winds changed today.
The air, while still warm, felt new with a crisp autumn twinge.

The kids are back in school. Martha’s Vineyard is clearing out. Let the official change of seasons begin.

And with it, I will change too — or rather cleanse — right after Labor Day. This new cleanse is from Vibrant Health and called, not ironically, the Vibrant Cleanse (AL).

In my mission to lovemore+fearless this year, I realize I need to apply a big dose of that to my body. And, it’s time for a cleanse. I can feel it in my bones, my muscles and my fat cells. The toxins are calling my name.

So I will enjoy this last week before Labor Day.  I will celebrate summer!
Enjoy the last hurrah!

And then….I cleanse.
Who wants to join me?

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