Day 244: practice, practice, practice

1 Sep

Practice. Practice. Practice.  

I have been practicing my yoga more intensely this week. It helps that the Martha’s Vineyard Yoga Festival is here, good motivation of course.  It also helps that I am showing up to class.

Being more active this week made me question… why not all the time?

What does it take for me to consistently show up for yoga?
A friend to go with?
A festival?

I’m not sure. All I know is I feel better when I practice on my mat. Whether it is in a class or with a DVD, or using my trusty iPhone App. Doesn’t matter. The results are the same — I feel great.

So today, as I sweated it out at Tapas Hot Yoga, I looked down at my feet and saw a tennis ball speaking to me.  (Why a tennis ball? We began our practice with tennis balls cushioning under the neck as we stretched.)

It may have been the 105 degree heat in the room that got to me. It could have been too many downward dogs. But I swear that tennis ball was sending me a message.

As I looked and refocused my eyes on it, I let out a little chuckle under my breath. Right there, on the side of the Wilson tennis ball was the one word that I am convinced makes all the difference — in yoga, in sports, in work,  and in life.


Practice. Practice. Practice.


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