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Day 248: you can do anything, really. #fearless

5 Sep

Where were you…
One year ago today?

Never before in my life have I really been able to answer that question. Until now. Because of this blog.

So, here I was on Day 248 in Year One waxing on learning to surf and believe in myself.

It’s a good thing to explore isn’t it– surfing on top of a wave of confidence, a solid belief that You Can Do Anything.

And, you can.
I promise.

I really didn’t know what I was getting into last year when I started this blog and made this promise. And, do we ever really know?

Not if you sit on the bench or the beach.
Speaking of sitting on the beach…

Last week, in the final days of summer on this beautiful island, I watched a couple attempt to sail with their two young boys. The mom approached the boat with a large bag on her shoulder while watching her family get dunked and dripping wet as they attempted to board the tiny sail boat.

“What should I do with this bag?” She asked her husband, clearly the make-shift captain of this voyage.

“Don’t bring it if you don’t want it to get wet.” He commanded.

“Well, what should I do?”

“Don’t bring anything in the boat that can’t get wet.” He repeated.

“Should I bring it?” She asked again.

“Everything in that bag is going to be soaking wet.” He tried to rationalize with her again.

As I watched this unfold in slow motion before me, I thought, isn’t that always what stops us and gets in our way — the bag we carry on our back? The fear of getting wet or losing something. 

As she stood on the shore, frozen asking one more time, “What should I do?” I was pleased with the husband’s reply.

“Get in the boat.”

I’m going to remember that. I thought to myself.

Get in the boat. I wanted to jump up and cheer from my beach blanket. Sure, you might get wet, or lose a few items of baggage. But, the journey (the fun!) all happens in the boat (or surfboard or any analogy of choice). Not on the shore.

So, when I find myself waiting to make a promise or waiting to make something happen, I’m going to remember el capitan…

Get in the boat.

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