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Day 249: presidents of the united states, bad things

6 Sep

Justin is cooking in the kitchen singing a song to me. It’s pretty cute, watching him cook, sing, and dance with a spatula in his hand.

The song is written and sung by, ironically, a band called The Presidents of the United States. I find that ironic, tonight being the Democratic National Convention and all, as the country waits to bring the real President of the United States to the stage.

The lyrics are not lost on me either:

You twisted your ankle
I carried you
You got a divorce
So I married you
You fell off a cliff
So I buried you
I wish there were more bad times to see you through
I wish there were more bad times

So many things did go wrong
But the list is not long enough
Not enough bad things to fill up a song

Just another reason why I love that man who sings and cooks in the kitchen.

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