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Day 254: walk on water

11 Sep

I’m not really sure what it means to walk on water.

But, the closest I’ve ever seen, with my own eye, was this photo I took at sunrise last week. The deck is just the right color. The sun is at the right angle.

Justin looks like he is almost walking on water.

If walking on water is just an analogy for an impossible act, or a miracle of sorts, then I am believer.

Miracles can happen. I can’t explain them, but I know one when I see one — or rather, feel one.

Sometimes, I sit back in awe at what seems to be the most amazing miracle of all — that huge orb in the sky rising up over the horizon for another chance at another day. One more opportunity to shine.

It’s kind of inspiring isn’t it?
The fact that the sun simply rises.

It’s a comforting feeling really. Never fear, the sun will rise.

It almost makes me feel like I can walk on water.
Rise and shine. 

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