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Day 255: who’s afraid of the dark?

12 Sep

I just realized something tonight.
I’m afraid of the dark.

It’s true. And, now so much of my life makes sense since I just realized the big, bad, boogie man is hiding outside as soon as the sun sets. Or, at least that’s what my mind thinks.

Tonight as I took Pup out for his last walk of the night, (really he takes me out for a walk) with the sun setting so early and the sky sitting heavy, pitch black, and eerily dark, I was totally spooked.

As Pup pulled me through the darkness I wondered why I was on edge.

Why am I spooked? What am I afraid of?

Wasn’t I the girl who slept next to scorpions in the Grand Canyon? The bikini clad body that swam next to sharks in the Bahamas? The Braveheart that rid herself of her old wedding rings?

Yes. And that girl, me, myself and I, is afraid of the dark. Or rather, what I cannot see.

It makes so much sense.

It’s what makes my skin crawl in the ocean with all those creepy crawly creatures skimming next to my bare skin.

It’s what freaks me out when Pup pulls me around hedges and up and down the dark Martha’s Vineyard streets with no lights and visions of skunks dancing in my head.

It’s now so clear to me. I’m afraid of what I cannot see.

As I work on what I love and what I fear this year, it’s plain to me that I can’t let what I cannot see stop me.

I must keep walking. One step at a time.
Even if it’s in the dark. 

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