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Day 257: f*ing friday :: a funny thing part 2

14 Sep

Today continues the weekly series, F*ing Fridays, which will coincidentally occur on Friday. In Year One, I mentioned some of my favorite F words back on Day 5, including: Fearless, Fabulous, Fine, Fun, Faith, Freedom, Forgiveness, to name a Few.

Last week I dove into the word Farkle.

Today’s F*ing Friday is dedicated to the words:
Funny Things.

As in, oops!

I really farkled up yesterday.

I drove home after working in my “office” (a.k.a. a coffee shop) and sat in my car for an extra fifteen minutes just to collect my thoughts before being trampled by the dynamic duo (a.k.a. Pup and Brady bounding to greet me at the door).

My phone beeped as I sat in my car. Text message.

It was my friend Sue. She wrote: “We just docked. I’ll walk up to Main Street and wait in front of the gift shop on the northwest corner.”

I was totally confused. Sue wasn’t due to arrive on the island for another day. She was supposed to come on Friday so we could take her out to dinner at the Outermost Inn. It was planned weeks in advance as a way to thank her for watching over the house while we were on our Grand Canyon adventure earlier in the summer.

When we first asked  Sue to watch over the house, she agreed and we pledged to take her to dinner at Outermost Inn as a gift in exchange for her help. Her face lit up. “I have been waiting 25 years to eat there!” She exclaimed. Done deal. We would take her to Outermost Inn. Dreams come true.

But the reservation was for FRIDAY. NOT Thursday.

“Wait… is today Friday?” I questioned my sanity as I pulled up my calendar. Confirmed. It was indeed Thursday.

Why is Sue here a day early? Then I remembered the Outermost Inn reservation and immediately called the restaurant that REQUIRES a reservation in advance. Sometimes WAY in advance.

The hostess on the other end of the telephone confirmed our reservation was for Friday.  I groaned out loud into the phone. “Oh, God. How did I mess this up?” And then sheepishly asked if there was by any chance under the sun and grace of some loving God an open reservation for THURSDAY night. TONIGHT.  Like, in the next four hours?  Please….

The hostess laughed into the phone. I gulped.

Sue was on the island waiting for me to pick her up, how was I going to tell her that the reservation she had been waiting 25 YEARS to enjoy was not today. Besides her plan was to eat an early dinner and take the late ferry off the island. What to do now?

“We might have an 8PM opening.” The hostess exclaimed. “Great! Book it!” I answered back having no idea how we would get Sue back from Aquinnah, the Outermost part of the island, where the OUTERMOST INN is located to eat an 8PM dinner and make the last ferry at 9:30PM.

I picked Sue up in my car and gave her a huge hug. And then shattered her 25-year dream and apologized profusely. “We can eat there at 8PM but you will miss the last ferry tonight.” I sheepishly explained.

“No problem.” Sue cheerfully answered. “I’m sure we can figure out something.”

I racked my brain. Who has a place for Sue to sleep? I called my friend down the street with extra rental rooms. Not there. We sat on her deck waiting for her to return. No dice. Then I remembered Regina.

Regina! I called her in a last minute dash, crossing my fingers. She answered. She accepted my proposal to allow a stranger to sleep in her house. The Outermost Inn was on.

Except I forgot to tell Justin.

I called Justin and in one breath explained the whole situation, with each character and plot line fully developed including my near heart attack at messing up the reservation night.

He stopped me in the middle of my soliloquy and reiterated. “So you’re saying we have a reservation tonight at 8PM?”

“Um. Yeah.” I shrugged my shoulders as if he could see me.

“Okay, I have to shower but I’ll see you there.” he confirmed.

Men. He didn’t even let me get to the good part where I secured housing (in a single bound) on the island for Sue to sleep over.

The night went from a complete disaster on my part, to a fabulous, fun, frolic in the sunset. What an F*ing day. And I didn’t even plan it.

Amazing what happens when you let life take over.
Or completely “F” it up.

Sometimes it’s better than expected. And it was.

Here’s our FOOD photos from one of the most beautiful spots on this place called Earth.

Thank you Outermost Inn.

I hope somebody called you tonight in a panic for a Friday night reservation so you could say: “A funny thing happened…”






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