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Day 265: title ix is 40 years old, norah scored two goals today

22 Sep

Title IX is 40 years old. 

I remember when I first heard about something called Title IX. My father took me for a walk down our suburban neighborhood street with basketball in hand and tried to explain to my little ten-year-old heart that I could play basketball — in college — if I really wanted it.

It was a pep talk. It was a “You Can Do Anything” sort of pep talk. He wanted me to know that if I really, really wanted to pursue something I loved, it would be there waiting for me. Women could now play sports in college and be treated like athletes. I could grow up to be an athlete — if I wanted to. I had a choice.

Twenty eight year later, this morning, these words popped up on my cell phone:

“Norah got 2 goals this morning!”

Norah is six. Norah is Justin’s niece by blood and mine by bonds of the heart. Norah hunts bugs and plays soccer. In some ways she is more fearless than I. And, in other ways, she has had more opportunities in her young little life than my mother had in all her years.

Title IX is 40 years old. 

I. am. almost. 40. years. old.

In a way we have grown up together, this move+ment of women’s bodies.

I find it not ironic at all, that as I sat on the grounds of Omega this morning, waiting for the Women+Power program to begin, I literally sat on a MS. Magazine. The glossy was placed on all of our seats and right on the cover was a love note that said…

Thank You, 
Title IX

As I prepared to hear from women around the world about the state of women and power, from the depths of pain, suffering, violence and victimization to the inspiration of beauty, power, love and light in the seat of the consciousness movement that Omega stands for, my phone beeped. A text popped up on the screen.

“Norah got 2 goals this morning!”

In the middle of world-renowned scholars, visionary women leaders, and amazing doers, what I litereally held in my hand was a message that I can only describe as dreams coming true — for Norah and for all the women who stand behind Norah, her mother, her grandmother, even all the women of our past who never had a chance to lace up a pair of soccer shoes.

“Norah got 2 goals this morning!”

It is all the proof I need to know that our vision for women as women can change the world.

One goal at a time.
Go. Norah.

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