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Day 270: the incredible dog

27 Sep

I’m not sure what to say, other than this:  I think it’s time for Brady to be neutered.

He seems to have grown into his full teenager self, hormones bouncing off the walls and all. He is now the incredible humping dog. I’m sure it’s just nature but it’s embarrassingly awkward and must be pretty uncomfortable for the other dogs.

Except there is one dog that puts him in his place and a cease to all that humping. It’s Miss Penny.

The incredible Great Dane.

She is so sweet and amazing at ten years old. A force even in her feeble state.


It makes me realize the value of age and aging. The incredible nature of wisdom and love.

And, of course, the age old rule to get out of the way of a bigger dog. Or leave a big dog alone. Or, the older they are the wiser they bark.

Yeah… something like that. 

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