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Day 272: sh*t happens

29 Sep

The 7-month old, Brady, just pooped right on the floor. The 10-year old, Penny, pooped directly after, on the floor, right before my eyes.

Dear dogs.

If there was ever any doubt that we regress in old age, becoming needy, fragile, and otherwise dependent, it has all but disappeared.

It’s as if we become childlike again.

According to this article, there is a tribe of people in Rajasthan who celebrate death of old people with joy and exhilaration and mourn the birth of babies with great sorrow.

It’s completely the opposite of what we do.

But in so many ways it is so beautiful.

It makes me hope there will be someone, someday, to pick up my poop when I am old, feeble and totally dependent.  And that, someday, I will do the same for a little baby too.

It’s a good reminder to live fearless and with full abandon.

Because in the circle of life…
Shit happens. 

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