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Day 273: homemade brew, three cheers!

30 Sep

I once tried to convince Justin to open up a pub that showed movies – specifically comedies. I wanted him to call is Brew Ha Ha.

It seemed like a good idea.

Truth is, I have no idea how to brew. I don’t drink beer. I find it just as confusing as cheesecake.

The first time I met someone who made a homemade cheesecake I was stunned. I thought cheesecake was something one bought from big glass containers at The Cheesecake Factory — not something you actually created in your kitchen.

I felt that same sense of awe and wonder tonight when Ellen gave us all a sample of her homemade limoncello — aptly named Ellecillo!

It’s homemade, handmade, crafted in her kitchen over weeks this summer.


Of course I suggested she open up a Limoncello Stand. Makes total sense to me.

I suppose this is a sign that I should stick to crafting words together…
and leave the concoctions in the kitchen to the pros.

Speaking of the pros — check out my friend Phoebe’s upcoming cooking show on BBC AMERICA, Chef Race UK vs. US. It starts on Tuesday at 9PM EST!

And, dear Ellen, I am absolutely amazed at what comes out of your kitchen.

I’ve made progress, but someday, (soon) I will get completely over my fear of the stove. 

Clink! Clink!
Cheers to that.

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