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Day 277: happy un-wedding day

4 Oct

Today is Thursday Night Football and National Vodka Day. Ironically, it is also my Un-Wedding Day.

October 4th. 

There was once a time when I counted the days leading up to this day. I am now so far removed from that wedding and marriage that I forget to count the years.

This morning, while watching Good Morning America, I stared at the date on the television screen and it blinked back: October 4th.

“Why does that look so familiar?” I thought to myself.

“Am I supposed to do something today?” I stared at it even harder, racking my brain for some event I had forgotten, hoping the answer would appear on the television screen itself.

And, then, it hit me. Oh yes. October 4th.

My Un-Wedding Day.

It’s hard to know, now, the bride I was back then. I’m not sure I know her at all anymore. In some ways, I think I am closer to the seventeen-year old in me more so than that twenty-seven year old bride.

And, that’s okay. Because for a long time I thought I lost my way. Only now I know that you can never loose your way.

It will always find you again.

And that, my dears, is so worth celebrating. Maybe I’ll have a champagne toast. Or, at least, a cup of some fair trade organic hot chocolate.

Which I think is pretty beautiful.

From ashes to ashes.
Dust to dust.

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