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Day 282: room with a view and pushing the edge

9 Oct

I am definitely getting in touch with the elements and my fear of being cold, because it is cold and windy down on the beach today.

The wonderful woman we met at the Post Office this morning gave us the low down on winter storms in the area. Her bottom line was: get out of town.

She warned us that they shut the beach down and will have us all leave in the event of a Nor’easter. Okay, good to know.

She also told us that last winter was very mild so warned us not to get our hopes up.

Regardless, I already have our exit plan planned. Just. In. Case.

I must admit, it is thrilling to be living on the edge of the earth, watching the tides roll in, stepping out on sand, pelicans flying above – just to walk the dogs.

Here’s the view from our bed. This is exactly what I see when I sit up in bed in the morning:

And, I’m pretty sure this is how Brady will be spending the winter (on my NEW bedspread, of course):

Okay, so it might be unbearably cold this winter, but it is unbelievably beautiful here.

Pushing my edge could be exactly what I need.
And I didn’t even know it.

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