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Day 291: f*ing friday :: fave

19 Oct

It’s F*ing Friday. A bit truncated since I’m writing from my phone.

But it is still f*ing friday.

As in my favorite things.

I’m curled up in bed in Texas getting ready to rest after a day full of laughter and light and super heroes.

Two special super heroes who go by the names of Spider Man and Captain America, aka Kaleb and Luka.

As I turn in for bed, Luka turned on one of their teddy bears that when wound up plays the song My Favorite Things.

“You can take this one to bed, Gigi,” he said.

And I did, the little bear playing its music next to me.

If only he knew the super powers he has over me every time he calls me “Gigi.”

Indeed, one of my favorite things from two of my favorite things.




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